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"Your daughter has had an accident with my motorcycle and she has done a lot of damage, we are in the hospital"

That call changed my life in two seconds.

My name is Laëtitia, I was born in France and I have been a consumer of motorcycle items for quite some time. I know what it costs and how it has to protect.

Las Motos con su libertad, su locura, su saludo, sus aventuras y sus valores autenticas de amistad, respeto y solidaridad, resuenan mucho en mi corazón.

My training is a Dressmaker and it allows me to have a very technical vision of garments.

I am passionate about the cuts, the sizes, the technicality of the fabrics, the seams, the laboratory tests and I am passionate about dressing people too.



It is my daughter's accident that caused the chemistry between these worlds Motorcycles - Dressmaker - Protection with a compromised level of demand. You understand why!

I started with the Furygan brand from Nîmes (France) because they are from my native city and I have known them since my training and I know very well what their products are worth in terms of quality, reliability and price.

Then I found in Figueras the representative of the French brands SHARK Helmets, Bering, Segura, Bagster and Stylmartin, an Italian artisan boot manufacturer.


I wanted to work with Spanish brands and Shiro Helmets from Murcia answered me to collaborate with them!

I loved the representative of the French brand Ixon in Barcelona and it gave me the opportunity to distribute it with the young and innovative design representative of the brand.

Brands such as Invictus from Spain, Shot and Auvray from France, Forma, Origine and Carberg from Italy joined our adventure.



We are driven by the same passion and desire to be a reliable alternative with excellent performance, quality and price, to big brands.

We put all our knowledge at the service of each motorcyclist who needs advice and motorcycle equipment with a high price / quality performance.