CE Standard

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CE Standard

All extreme sports and activities or those that may be subject to risks have their own PPE (motorcycling, skiing, cycling, firefighters, etc.). It indicates that all products that suggest that they offer protection must effectively comply with said protection and thus meet certain requirements.

The CE marking consists of a product conformity assessment process in which notified certification bodies such as AENOR may form part, by which the manufacturer or his authorized representative assumes responsibility for the declared performance and conformity. with CE marking requirements.

This certification is obtained by validation of the different tests (chemical, ergonomic, mechanical, etc.) carried out by an authorized European control body. To recognize a product that meets this requirement, it places the following CE logo on it.

When a notified body participates in the production control phase in accordance with the applicable European Union (EU) harmonization legislation, its identification number must appear next to the CE marking.

For the manufacturer :

* The CE marking allows unrestricted access to the European market, avoiding technical barriers

* The CE marking is also recognized in other markets globally

For the Consumer :

* The CE marking ensures that the product is safe

* The CE marking guarantees common levels of safety and durability in Europe.

There are European standards that regulate motorcycle equipment:

- EN17092 for clothing

- EN13594 for gloves

- EN13634 for footwear

- EN1621 for protections

In summary, we can say that a CE certified equipment has all the necessary characteristics to guarantee the safety of the user of motorized vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels during a fall. On the contrary, we cannot guarantee that our equipment will offer you total protection against damage caused by a fall or an accident.

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