The best autonomous airbag system for motorcyclists

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The best autonomous airbag system for motorcyclists

The best autonomous airbag system for motorcyclists

The benefits for the user are inestimable and can save you from very serious injuries in the event of a fall. This individual motorcyclist protection tool stands out lately.

In our opinion, the Furygan Airbag System vest offers the best on-board technology in the segment.

We all know how hard the famous DAKAR event was and the FURYGAN AIRBAG SYSTEM had been chosen as the official supplier in this January 2021 edition.

Furygan has integrated this year, among other things, the "queen" category of the GP motorcycling world championship, equipping the famous rider Johan Zarco.

Let's see it in detail:

1 - Material: 3D alveolar mesh fabric for maximum comfort and 37.5 technology fabric with enormous potential for absorbing sweat and ideal breathability for any condition of use.

2 - Protections:

  • Vertebral column : Back brace included level 2

  • Chest

  • Cervical

  • Abdomen

  • Firing speed 60ms

3 - Autonomous technology (without wire or contact with the motorcycle):

  • In Motion console (sold separately) is the brain of the system.

  • Download the application on your mobile My In&Box

  • Create your account and choose a mode of purchase or rental of the system

  • Activate your Airbag console and you're done

  • The console performs more than 1000 calculations per second to command the vest's airbag to fire

  • 25 hours of autonomy rolling

4 - How it works:

  • Charge the console (charging time 3 hours)

  • From the mobile application you can control the status of the vest battery, update, check the inflator (gas cartridge) etc...

  • Insert the console into the vest

  • If the light is green, it is operational.

  • It is evolutionary, the system and the detection strategy are continuously updated

  • Each use of the Airbag feeds the algorithm of the system to optimize the detection with more precision and an optimized protection performance.

5 - There is a supplementary option for circuit

This Furygan Airbag System is built with a very fine and 100% reliable technology and also with unmatched comfort and simplicity of use.

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